The Calx Difference

At Calxx Laboratories we pride ourselves in offering our customers nutritional supplements that are produced using only the best available ingredients.  We are a family business dedicated to disease prevention and healthy living. Our patented formulas, manufacturing processes and commitment to excellence are the key to the success of CalxPlus.

We value quality:

  • our production facility has been awarded the highest quality certifications including ISO 9001, BRC, IFS and GMP the ingredients we work with are of the
  • best quality and include: Callebaut chocolate mass, natural vanilla, German cocoa, natural orange and micronized calcium
  •  small batch manufacturing and independent laboratory testing ensure that the correct levels of all ingredients are consistently maintained

We value taste:

  • our caramel chews have a smooth pleasant texture with no traces of the grittiness of calcium often present in other calcium supplements
  • we use only natural flavouring and zero preservatives to ensure an authentic taste
  • the consistency of each CalxPlus chew is created specifically so that the chew can melt slowly in your mouth allowing optimal bioavailability and absorption of the vitamins and minerals

We value your satisfaction:

  • we offer free samples of our product at pharmacies and in Doctor’s offices throughout Belgium or from our website making it easy for our customers to taste before they buy
  • over the years we have adjusted our formulas to reflect our customers’ demands

As a family operated business, we have core values different from those of larger organisations.  Our objective is the promotion of healthy living and disease prevention, not simply profit.  We believe that many of the effects of diseases that develop in humans over time can be diminished by proper supplementation beginning early in life.  Starting early and staying healthy is essential and that’s why we strive to make our products enjoyable to take on a daily basis.  Our fomulas are developed using findings from the latest medical studies published in leading medical journals by renowned physicians and researchers.

Try CalxPlus – healthy living from our family to yours.

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