The role of vitamin K

Only recently has the role of vitamin K come to the forefront in bone mineralization. Researchers have found that most people who suffered fractures also had low levels of vitamin K.

In the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe researchers have found that vitamin K is essential to activate the proteins that transport and fix the calcium to the bones. These proteins are vitamin K dependant. Without vitamin K, these proteins aren’t activated and remain ineffective unable to attach to the bone or form new bone matter.

Recommended Daily Allowance vitamin K:

1 to 1,5 micrograms per kg of body mass.
For an optimal mineralization of the bones a minimum of 100 micrograms per day are needed.

Foods rich in vitamin K are: all green leafed vegetables, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, broccoli, olive oil, soybean oil…

Vitamin K